Sunday Bulletin

The Sunday Bulletin for October 15 may be viewed or downloaded here


Welcome New Parishoners!

A word of welcome to new parishioners! Please introduce yourselves to Fr. John, Deacon Joe or Deacon Matt so that we can better serve you. We hope that you will become involved with our parish, and we look forward to your presence and participation each week. Parish contact information is here.

Parish News Page

Parish News Updates

In A Hurry?

Our busy culture has us hurrying from one place to another at all times of the day. Unfortunately, this can be unhealthy as it can cause unneeded rises in stress levels and blood pressure – even anxiety. We even sometimes forget what we are doing and why we are doing it! A pause is necessary. The same is true in our spiritual lives. We hurry into Mass and hurry out just as fast — sometimes even faster! Far too many of us feel the need to leave Mass right after receiving Communion – before Mass is over. This is an unhealthy practice for our spiritual lives. We have just received Jesus Christ Himself. We need to spend some time with Him and with our community of faith to properly give thanks for the gift He gives to us. I invite each of us to not be in such a hurry. Please stay for the entire Mass — it is so worth it! Do we not owe that much to ourselves and to Jesus?

Eagle Scout Project

Hello fellow Parishioners, I am Nathaniel Toste with Boy Scout Troop 43. I am working on an Eagle Project to clean and beautify the front of the Parish Center, and I am asking your help with fund raising. I have a goal to raise one thousand dollars, and all unused donations will be given to the church. Next week on Sunday, the 22nd of October, there will be scouts at all the entrances of the church with collection baskets. Checks can be made out to Troop 43 Raynham. Any amount is appreciated. Thank you!

Live Music with Deacon Matt & Vatican 3!

Mark your calendars for a special performance by Deacon Matt’s jazz/funk group, Vatican 3! The group will be performing on Saturday, November 4th from 7:00pm to 9:00pm in the Parish center. The night will a guaranteed enjoyable time for people of all ages and musical tastes! Come and join the parish community for an evening of music, fun and socializing on November 4th.

St Vincent De Paul Thanksgiving & Christmas Food Baskets

Once again SVDP is asking for your help with the holiday food basket donations. Items needed are: Canned corn, canned peas, cranberry sauce, turkey gravy, turkey stuffing, and gift cards (used for fresh food items). Thank you for your continued support. Items may be left at the Church.

Hurricane Relief Thank You!

The Knights of Columbus would like to sincerely thank all of those parishioners who donated items under the Giving Tree over the past few weeks. The response was so great that the closet we were keeping the items in downstairs was stuffed, and we had to place the overflow on a few 8 foot tables. Your generosity will be able to help many victims in their time of need.

Parish Meetings

St. Ann’s Sociable Seniors
There will be a meeting on Tuesday, October 17th at 10:30am, with bingo after the meeting.  Afterwards, we are off to The Olive Garden Restaurant for lunch.  Cost $12.00 per person.  Please call Brian McClory at (508)822-9166 with your menu selection and mail him your check by October 10th.


Coffee & Donuts This Sunday

Coffee and donuts are available after the 8:00am and 9:30am Masses. We would like to thank Jim and Christina Strom, Toni Baptiste, Mary Riley, and Bernadette Dacey for assisting this weekend.  We are grateful to Bev Morgan for overseeing this activity, and Tim Holick and George Pike, our “bakers.” We are always looking for helpers and it’s a nice way to make friends and meet new people. Please call Bev Morgan at 508-823-9183 if interested.

Congratulations Deacon Joe!

On October 8th, 2007, Deacon Joe was ordained to the Diaconate by Bishop George Coleman. As a parish, we are so grateful that his entire Diaconal Ministry has been spent here. Congratulations on your 10th anniversary Deacon Joe! God bless you as you continue to serve our Parish and our Diocese!

St. Vincent De Paul Thanksgiving & Christmas Baskets

Once again SVDP is asking for your help with the holiday food basket donations. Items needed are: Canned corn, canned peas, cranberry sauce, turkey gravy, turkey stuffing, and gift cards (used for fresh food items). Thank you for your continued support. Items may be left at the Church.

New Altar Servers

The duties of those girls and boys and young women and men who serve at the altar are integral to the celebration of the Mass. They must be mature enough to understand their responsibilities and to carry them out with appropriate reverence. They must have received First Holy Communion and they must attend Mass on a regular basis. If you are interested in becoming an altar server and are, in the fall, beginning fourth grade or higher, please contact the parish office at (508)823-9833 to indicate your interest. You will then be notified concerning mandatory attendance at two training sessions, to be held in the November to December time period. In those sessions, we will review the duties one performs as an altar server and address any questions you may have about your responsibilities. A second opportunity to express interest in becoming an altar server will be offered in October when Deacon Joe will meet with all the fourth-grade formation classes.


The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is a process whereby those adults who desire to join the Catholic Church through reception of the Sacraments of Initiation (Catechumens) or those baptized Christian adults who desire to be in full communion with the Church (Candidates), participate in a formation program designed to help them understand and experience the teachings and practices of the Church. Any parishioners who are interested in serving on St. Ann’s RCIA Team are asked to contact the parish office at (508)823-9833 to indicate their intent.  You will then be contacted by Deacon Joe for more information.  It is a wonderful opportunity to share the Good News with those who wish to join or come into full communion with the Catholic Church.