Mass Intentions

11:00am Sunday 10/15 Adrienne Borges – Month’s Mind Mass
7:00am Monday 10/16 Mary Lou Taurazas
7:00am Tuesday 10/17 William R. Morgan
7:00am Wednesday 10/18 Jose and Tiffany Amaral
7:00am Thursday 10/19 Rebecca Greer
7:00am Friday 10/20 Millie Marino
8:00am Saturday 10/21 Edward T. Laughlin, Sr.

Please remember in your prayers, all who are facing illness at this time

Phyllis Anacone, Paula Burgoyne, Madeline Coelho
Donald W. Comis, Ellie DaRosa, Holly Duart
Richard Hatch, Peter Horsley, Stephen Kirkland
Chase Miceli, Kim MacDonald, Cole O’Neill
Xavier Ross, Brian Roster, Irene Ryan
Doreen Schroth, Paige Silvestro, Ed Smith
Helen Smith, Josie Spearin, Jennifer K. Strachan
and those whose names are listed in the book of prayers for the sick.